SHAPEMAKER: The Sculptor Don Frost (2017)

An intimate art documentary that explores the work and philosophy of one of Canada's most inspiring living sculptors, Don Frost.  Filmed on location at his studio over two years, and narrated with excerpts from conversations with the artist, this film invites audiences into the world of an artist who creates from a place of joy and is driven by a desire to discover new levels and meanings of beauty.

Directed by Mary L. Holley and Michael Morritt

September 16th 2017


This Sunday the 24th of September, ShapeMaker: The Sculptor Don Frost will be premiering at the Canada China International Film Festival in Montreal. Please join us for the premiere and a Q+A afterward with co-director Mary L. Holley.

Sun, 24 September 2017
1:30 PM Ė 3:00 PM

Salle J.A. de Seve
1400 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O,
Montrťal, QC, CANADA

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Near an old railway station in the quiet Canadian village of Lakefield lies the studio of one of Canadaís most original living sculptors, Don Frost. A creator of striking free-form works who is tirelessly prolific, Frostís sculptures feature prominently in many international collections. ShapeMaker: The Sculptor Don Frost transports the viewer inside the process and philosphy of this passionate artist, achieving an intimacy with his work that few have ever experienced.

Test Screening: M. Holley, D. Frost, V. Foy, M. Morritt

About the Directors



"The idea for ShapeMaker was conceived a decade ago when I was introduced to Don Frost. I was profoundly moved by his unconventional, sublime creations. Using sculpture as a process of reflection where sculptor and work become one, both his physical and mental being are intimately connected with the shapes he creates.

This film captures the essence of Don and his work, reflecting the intimacy and revelation of an artist in his studio and his constantly evolving gift of creativity. My vision was to take traditional documentary filmmaking to another level, providing the viewer with both a documentary about an internationally acclaimed artist and a work of art in the form of a film."

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"The act of recording and presenting the life and work of an artist is a sacred act. It is an immersive act. The film that is being created is equal in importance to the bond that is forged between the subject and the production. The two must meet and become one. I am so grateful to Don for opening up his heart to our production.

ShapeMaker: The Sculptor Don Frost is an intimate exploration into the notebook of an artistís mind, on the opposite side of the spectrum from a journalistic documentary. Itís structure is organic, like the movements and meanderings of playful human thought. Its purpose is to immerse you inside the life of an artist on a personal level, and, I hope, in a way you may not have experienced before."


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